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Welcome to theBridge

Founded in 2006 theBridge, or elPuente as many know us by our Spanish name, has grown into a lively community. theBridge is located at the end of Calle Santa Lucia in Granada, Nicaragua. Both inside and outside our walls, ministry and outreach to the local community are happening. Take a minute to browse through our site. You’ll find out about the many programs including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, youth clubs like Vida Joven (Young Life) as well as the different opportunities to work with and help local churches, orphanages, disabled children’s centers, and also learn about our economic development programs, such as the Jicaro Project and model gardens. You’ll find opportunities to get involved, including team visits and internships, and reports on the work here over the past four years. Thank you for visiting our site, and of course, we’d love to hear from you.

~ Charles and Sarah Kaye, and all the staff and volunteers of theBridge (elPuente)

theBridge, a base of operations for ministry in the barrios:

El Puente, as it is known in the area, is located on the frontier between the residential, colonial city that is well known by visitors to Granada and the Santa Rosa, Carrillera and Death Zone barrios, places of poverty seldom seen by tourists. It is ideally situated to provide outreach into the barrios, yet remain accessible to those who live in and visit the city center. The main building on the property is an excellent example of historic rural construction with hand hewn woodwork and details. Additional buildings include a traditional thatched “rancho” house of prayer, team dorm and bath houses, and a functional “House of Jicaro” that services theJicaro Project, all surrounded by ancient tropical hardwoods and stone walls encircling almost two acres. It is a place of beauty and tranquility where visitors and barrio residents work together as they grow in faith, love of each other and Jesus.