Worship Services

Sunday Service and Mid-Week Bible Studies:
Bilingual Sunday Service : 8:30 AM
Wednesday Bible Study: 8:00 AM
Friday Bible Study: 8:00 AM

El Puente Worship Service Granada NicaraguaNot by design, but through meeting our own need for an English language worship service in Granada, we offer a bilingual church at the Base. Service is currently held on the first and third Sundays of every month, at 8:30 am. Over a year ago, a pastor from a nearby church asked us to add a monthly joint service. This was an answer to two years of prayer, as we are always hopefully working toward church unity and cooperation in the city. Of course we said yes and have been enjoying the blessings and partnership that has stretched to various parts of the ministry. More recently, an entire group of 60+ people from the Pantanal barrio have been brought for Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday services, stretching our community and moving forward, yet again, in church unity.

From small beginnings, we routinely number between one and two hundred, including barrio families, youth from Vida Joven, men from our street outreach and rehabilitation program, residents of La Jungla and Pantanal, families from the dump, and English speaking visitors and teams working at the base. Service is held outdoors under the spreading Malinche tree, with one of the best bands in Granada leading always joyous Nicaraguan musical offerings. Baptizing and marrying new believers, as well as welcoming new babies, we are building a true Christian community in the barrio, building out a lively home fellowship around Bible study groups.

In addition to Sunday services, twice weekly Bible studies are held Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00. Originally intended as men’s fellowship events, they have grown to include women, children, and the occasional dog. Although still focused on studying God’s word, these programs have developed into mini-services with lively worship and prayer. All are welcome.


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