Opportunities To Visit and Work:

Since opening its doors in 2008, the base at elPuente has hosted hundreds of volunteers seeking to participate in the work in Granada. With its gardens, magnificent trees, places for contemplation and worship in the House of Prayer, and historic main program building, elPuente provides a unique window into life in Nicaragua.

Short-Term Teams

We welcome groups of up to 30 individuals in our team house, with separate accommodations for men and women. Eight dorm-style bedrooms are organized around common living areas and a spacious porch with hammocks. Meals may be provided by our staff of neighborhood women accustomed to providing delicious meals with northern standards in mind. Also, elPuente maintains 24 hour maintenance and security and is encircled by 9’ stone walls, enabling visitors to live and work securely.

Visits may range from a few days to several months. With a short one-hour ride from the Managua airport, week-long visitors can maximize their experience working in and around the barrios of Granada.

Summer and Long-Term Internships

For those with more time to spend, programs of up to a year have helped to shape our various ministries. Longer-term internships are available to those wanting to work closely with the permanent staff on specific projects such as educational programs, men’s rehabilitation, theJicaro Project and the community garden. If you would like to contact us concerning a trip or internship, Charles Kaye, director, can assist with questions and scheduling. If you are considering a summer internship, please send a request to ep_internships@yahoo.com.

Just to give you an example of the kinds of opportunities that arise at elPuente, here 2 of our own interns sharing their talents and enjoying the experience of traditional Nicaraguan Folklore dancing at a Mother’s Day performance after church…


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