Young Life (Vida Joven)

In 2008 theBridge helped to bring the first Vida Joven (Young Life) club to Granada. Club meets at theBridge every Thursday evening, hosting as many as 100 young people from the surrounding barrios. Additional Club activities such as bible study, prayer meetings and participation in theJicaro Project craft production take place throughout the week, extending outreach to the youth in the community.

Vida Joven Young Life Granada Nicaragua

Also, theBridge has been instrumental in finding funding to keep Vida Joven open, including development of the annual Vida Joven 5K Fun Run in April of each year and bazaars in the barrio. The success of Vida Joven in the Santa Rosa barrio at theBridge has helped to launch a second club in El Escudo barrio, near the cemetery, in one of the poorest barrios of Granada. By all accounts, the local population has seen a positive change in the youth participating in the program.

Click here for more pictures of the 5K Fun Run, May 7, 2011:


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