Nicaragua House of Prayer

Located in a quiet corner of the elPuente property, visitors and staff alike can find a beautiful retreat for prayer and contemplation. This House of Prayer was the brainchild of the 2008/2009 Awakenings team, who Nicaragua House Of Prayer lived and worked at the base for nine months. Upon moving into the team house, they adopted the roofless, floorless ruin as their own sanctuary for worship and prayer. Over the months of their stay, we began to transform the building, finishing out walls, adding a traditional “rancho” style thatch roof and a rustic hand-made tile floor.

From the beginning, the team’s vision has been for a 24/7 prayer center on the basic lines of the famous Kansas City House of Prayer. Although not quite there in terms of ‘round the clock use, the Casa de Oraciòn, as it is known locally, has hosted groups from neighboring churches, some in weeklong prayer vigils, and serves as a gathering spot for anyone wanting a quiet place to enter the presence of God. Almost everyone comments that this is a truly special place for prayer and reflection.


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