City Dump Ministry

Like most major cities in Nicaragua, Granada’s dump is home to a community who rely on the leavings of everyone else in town for their livelihood. By the time the city’s trash makes its way to the dump, it has been systematically picked over by street people and by the men who pick up the trash, both looking to salvage anything worth selling. It’s hard to see what remains of value, but the dump community is able to scrape by on the odd bits.


 Overlooked by other aid organizations, we found a hard working group of people, including their children, working in flip flops or barefoot. They are so eager to find whatever has value in the refuse that at first they were hesitant to stop even for the food we began bringing. Believe it or not, they have great dignity, working harder than many people in town, and they are not looking for handouts or pity.

[singlepic id=28 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Over time, we have established an outpost with these wonderful folks, bringing them hot meals to ease their days, singing with them, sharing the Bible, and bringing medical teams. Many have begun attending weekly church services at elPuente, and where we initially saw distrust, we now see smiling brothers and sisters. We have come to love this community, and every group who visits them comes away blessed by the experience.

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