Children’s Church

Bring in the Cavalry! We are so blessed with the literal loads of children passing through the doors of elPuente twice a week for Bible Study and weekly for Sunday services. childrenschurch The peak of our realization that we had more than just a small flock to tend was the Friday morning Bible study that held 61 children, ages 2 to 15, ALL in the House of Prayer to learn about the Tower of Babel. What God began working in November 2010, we are seeing Him bring to completion and full purpose.

The children’s program, which began as a play time in 2010 during Sunday services, has grown tremendously at the work of God’s hands. In November 2010, church leaders gathered, at the request of the only 2 teachers at that time, to fast and pray for God’s leading in a program for the children at elPuente. Throughout 2011 a group was slowly formed and refined, through much fasting, prayer, meeting, trainings, and diligent service, and has now developed into a team effort of 15 volunteers who offer 3 classes for Sunday services and 1 class for each Bible Study during the week. The flock is now lovingly shepherded through discipline and song, stories and memory verses, and a leadership team in itself that is seeking to meditate on the Word day and night in order to properly serve God in leading His children in the ways they should go.

Curriculum for the children’s program is provided by Children Desiring God, focusing on two lessons per month. The ABCs of God methodically works through key words, each connected to a lesson designed to introduce children to the unique, magnificent attributes of God, laying a foundation for knowing God and learning to love and glorify Him as God. The curriculum was originally introduced to the visiting teams to use at ministry sites during the summer months, but after much prayer, fasting, and discernment, the Sunday teachers team decided to use the curriculum as well.

To get an idea of the seeds God is sowing into El Puente children, view the ABCs of God curriculum here.


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