Character Development Program

2013 Character Development Program

God is…

January – March: Generoso – Generous ~ God always gives what is best

April – June: Sabio – Wise ~ God always knows what is best

July – September: Bueno – Good ~ God always is what is best

October – December: Amoroso – Loving ~ God always does what is best

As we finished the 2011 year at elPuente, we were confident of God’s plans for the church body in the 2012 year: Grow Up. We began pursuing what it means to move from spiritual milk to meat, seeking to know God’s desires for us as a community. At the same time, all small group leaders were working their way through the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. As we approached Chapter 16, “God Speaks through the Church,” the orchestration of an extraordinary spiritual pursuit was under way. Two of elPuente’s interns were contemplating a more effective character development program to implement into theJicaro Project. In one grand culmination of God’s plans being worked out, the character program was brought before the church leaders, in conjunction with the discussion of Chapter 16, “God Speaks through the Church” and a couple months of weekly Bible Studies discussing the need to crave spiritual meat, and we as a church community undertook the great endeavor of Growing Up – together.

The program format was originally pioneered in Springfield, Missouri, as a response to the business community’s desire, above all other skills and talents, for employees to be of good character. Character Ed began as a community-wide pursuit of developing good character through awareness and intentional recognition. El Puente has taken on it’s own personal format of the program, focusing on the attributes of God that we as his children are able and are commanded to embody. We have a banner hanging in the main hall of elPuente, declaring that this month, for example, we are focusing on being “Fiel” (Faithful). Each small group leader and ministry leader has received a laminated page that declares the word of the month on the front, the corresponding verse, and resources for teaching on the back.

Continuing on in 2013, words were adopted from The Vineyard Church’s children’s program, focusing even more so on the incredible attributes of our God that we seek to embody. We are on a holy pursuit that already has borne excellent fruit for the Kingdom in 2012.


2012 Character Development Program Words:

February – March: Faithful ~ Fiel, Deuteronomy 7:9

April – May: Kindness ~ Bondad

June – July: Patience ~ Paciencia

August – September: Humble ~ Humilde

October – November: Grace * Mercy * Forgiveness ~ Gracia * Misericordia * Perdòn

December: Wisdom ~ Sabidurìa


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